How I Upped My Instagram Follower Count

Instagram is something that is always adapting and changing and, because of that, it takes quite a bit of work to be able to find what you need to do and how much you will need to get done. I’ve been working with Instagram for over 5 years at this point, and I’ve found that there are a lot of different ways that you can go ahead and start to get more followers for your site. Here are some hints that you may be able to try for yourself when learning how to get more followers on Instagram.

Consider buying followers. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, then throw a couple dollars to a reliable, well known site where you can buy Instagram followers and start to get some traction in terms of numbers. It’ll definitely help you out.

Don’t forget to post interesting things. Instagram isn’t always exciting, but you want to be sure that you throw your followers some fun and exciting ways to enjoy the experience. It’s a lot of fun for you and it will help you to gain more likely and followers as time goes on as well.

Stay ahead of trends. There are always trends online, so if you get in on the front end of a trend, you’ll end up with more traffic and be able to get a lot more attention in the form of likes and followers. Totally worth it if you’re willing to take the time to make it happen.

Don’t ever forget your hashtags! Hashtags are what drive Instagram views and, when all is said and done, if you forget them, people aren’t going to be able to see what it is that you’re putting on the site. Make sure that you have 4 to 10 hashtags on every post and you’ll be able to maximize the traffic that you’re getting on the site.

Share pieces of your life, but not the entire thing. You don’t want to overshare – that’s a big issue that you want to try and prevent because you could either annoy your followers or put yourself in danger because people know too much about where you are and what you’re doing. Find that balance and your site will be one that people want to share and check out regularly.

Interact in comments and replies. Interactions are at the core of social media, and that’s especially true when it comes to Instagram. Reply when people make comments, and comment on other people’s pictures. That interaction makes you more personable, which makes it more likely for people to stick with you.

Explore what there is for you to do here and see how you can actually make the process a little easier on yourself as you work out how to get ahead. There are lots of ways to get more followers and, if you follow these tips, I’m sure that you’ll definitely get ahead in ways that you didn’t realize could be effective for that purpose.